Wednesday, August 25, 2010



Hailing from a small town rain has always been an experience to enjoy. The wait for rainy season, the closing of schools due to water logging, riding bicycle with sisters in my water logged colony and splashing water on each other to the celebration of savan festival in college and the most mesmerizing yellow lilies are some of the vivid memories I have of rain.

After coming to Delhi I realized that there is scanty rainfall here unlike my hometown. And it’s completely different here in Delhi, as I stand in my balcony with a cup of tea on Sunday evening to enjoy rain. I can hardly see the sky as the congested houses and long buildings are a common sight in most of the colonies of the city. The only thing I can see from my balcony is-  wet children in rain, enjoying among themselves fetching water in water gallons, (as water scarcity is common phenomena in Delhi). Boys riding bikes passing from one lane to another and the people standing in their small balconies and terrace are some of the common sight here.

But one thing is certain once in a while rain is certainly beautiful and a wonderful retreat from the frustrating heat of Delhi. The most fascinating is the morning after nightlong rain. The beautiful clouds of various shapes  are simply amazing. The swift and soft breeze touching the face gives a wonderful refreshing feeling. Just an auto rickshaw drive from home to office is also enough to enjoy the cool breeze on your face.

But this is not the only thing that I have to face while coming to office. Traffic jams, argument with auto rickshaw drivers are things that I cannot avoid even on this beautiful morning. But the clouds and cool breeze are worth enjoying. I just wish I could get a leave so that I can hang out somewhere - clicking photos and enjoying nature!!