Friday, May 19, 2017

Being A Mother

An Experience
I generally say that I am still the same as I was before I become mother, but I know that I am not. Motherhood changes a lot of things and though it is not a life changing stage it is definitely a huge change. I have grown, evolved and changed as a person. There are some typical things that most women do after becoming a mother. So, here are 10 very distinctive yet hilarious signs of being a mother. I am sure all the mothers can relate to it.

You know you are a Mother when:
1. You become incapable of having a conversation with anyone for more than 5 minutes without mentioning your baby or her recent antics and achievements. Personally, I love talking about my twins and their latest frolics. And if I meet another mother then the conversation can go on and on. The conversation can be of all kinds of topics- baby food, vaccination, clothes, medicine and so on and so forth.

2. Your handbag looks more like cartoon’s pouch and contains everything from your lipstick to your baby's diapers and feeding bottle. All my handbags have diaper and wet tissues. I am not a perfectionist but yes now I have all important things in my handbags. I no longer use my sling bags as it is less spacious. 

3. You call your shit 'potty' and your pee 'susu' in front of other adults who eye you with suspicion. Yes, I have done it multiple times and now I don’t even get embarrassed. In fact my vocabulary has weird words.

4. You suffer from auditory hallucinations every time you are more than 50 metres away from your baby and your adrenaline pumps up whenever any baby cries. 

5. You realise most chores can be accomplished with the use of a single hand. Yes multi tasking is one thing that I have learnt and still learning. 

6. You don't find anything gross anymore, even vomit and smelly poops. Instead of running from projectile vomit, you run towards it. 

7. You prefer sleep over socialising. Though sleep has always been important to me but now I love sleeping even more, whenever I get time I sleep. I prefer sleeping even above eating.