Monday, July 29, 2013


Alwar, Rajasthan

It was an unplanned trip. We just thought to take a day off and go somewhere. I had a busy day at office so could not plan anything substantial. And without any planning we just headed to Alwar. Though the trip did not proved that wonderful to write about it, but still I thought before I forget it I will just jot down the things that I liked there. First of all Alwar is not that a great place to visit from the point of view of a tourist. But there is something worth visiting everywhere and hence this post.

Alwar is considered as the gateway of Rajasthan. It is very easy to reach there as it is just 160 km South from Delhi. And the road that connects Alwar from Delhi is in good condition. The only place to visit here is the Bala Fort also known as the Alwar Fort. 

The way to the fort is very interesting. We enjoyed the beauty of Aravalis hills on our drive to the fort. Beautiful peacocks are also in abundance to welcome the tourists at every turn.

Don’t expect it to be a great fort, like many other forts of Rajasthan. Most of the structures within the ramparts lie in ruins; the remains are also very simplistically maintained. And a special permission is required from the Superintendent of Police, Alwar to visit the place.