Monday, December 26, 2011

Jamia Nagar

Jamia Nagar is a paradise for food lovers. Located in the South Delhi, the area has number of food outlets to catch up with friends and family. Since the area houses one of the most popular universities of the city -Jamia Millia Islamia, it is jammed packed up with students all across the year. Moreover, the college is surrounded by number of colonies that further adds up in the list of food lovers. Either it be the college students or families of the vicinity Jamia Nagar is a hot spot of food lovers.

Starting with Zakir Nagar, the busiest market of the area is one of the most popular spot for students. In the hush-bush of the by lanes of Zakir nagar lies many food outlets. Though you can see non-vegetable stalls after every two to three shops some of the famous outlets that has carved out a niche for themselves are-

1)      PURANI DILLI is one of the busiest outlets of the area. Renowned mainly for its non-vegetarian food, the restaurant is a perfect combination of good ambience and mouth-watering food. Either it is the variety of chicken/mutton dishes or the mouth-watering sweet dish popularly known as ‘firni’, all its dilicacies are worth relishing. This place is visited by families and students alike and cherished by all age-groups.

2)      MEER-Loved for its varieties of non-vegetarian biryani, the outlet is a paradise for biryani lovers. Sindhi biryani is the most famous delicacy of this outlet.

3)      DILLI NEHARI HOTEL -Known for its exotic range of nehari it is must go spot for all non-veg lovers.

4)      KAREEMS- One of the branches of most popular food chain- Kareems is located opposite New Friends Colony at the end of Zakir Nagar. Though it is basically a take away outlet its mughlai food is very popular for its exotic spices.

And talking on food cannot be completed without mentioning the community center popularly called CC in New Friends Colony just beside the Zakir nagar.

Community center or CC has something to offer for all either it be vegetarian food lovers or non-vegetarian food lovers. But the most popular food outlet of CC is Al-Bake that is famous for its exquisite and delicious shawarma, a fast non-vegetarian food staple that came from middle east countries.

From pizza hut to nerulas, community center has all.

And for vegetarians, Brijwasi, Aanand and Nathus are the best option in the center.