Sunday, April 21, 2013

Har Ek Friend Zaruri Hota hai


Today while researching for my story (office work) I read this phrase-  “Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.” ― L.M. Montgomery. And I thought of scribbling something and that's why I ended up writing this post.

Sometimes we are so caught up in our present that the images from our good 
old times become blur. Though I have left the golden road behind, but its memories are the dearest of my eternal possessions. Some of the most common things that I remember as a part of my memory are- old house, dress, swing, cats, rain and vacations. But the most important ones are people around me. People come and go and they create memories. Some become good friends and some I remember just as acquaintances. But one thing is sure that they are a part of my memory. Sometimes I remember someone out of blue and then try to figure out that one thing that reminded you of that person. Recalling, remembering and cherishing good times definitely brings a smile. There are different reasons why we remember certain people very vividly. 

In my case I remember 2 kinds of people. One people with whom I have spend very good time, most of them are my friends (and some cousins) whom I have always loved. Second, some unique personalities with whom I might not be that great friend but they are a part of my memory because of their distinct trait or goodness.

The recent advertisement that says- "Her Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai" is definitely a hit because of it amazingly appropriate caption. It is correct that you have friends for different purposes. One is neighbourhood friend, one is hanging out friend and the list goes on and on.

I will start with my friends in Patna, my growing up years.
1) Lubna - You are the most simple and genuine person I have ever met. What makes you special is your simplicity and ability to gel with people. I wish to be like you. You are definitely diplomatic, but in a positive way. You know what is right and what is wrong and what amazes me the most is your sense of balance. Librans are supposed to be balanced, but I have never seen a more balanced person than you. It is said that a true friend is one who is there when you are are going through bad time and I must say you have always stood by me. You know even today when I am in some problem or whenever I am stuck somewhere, I think of you. No matter wherever life takes me to,  you will always be one of the dearest friend.

2) Sanoober - I still laugh at our silly fights in college. You are simply super energetic, full of life and harabaria (can't get English word that translates this in a best way). Do you remember the ear ring stall that fell in Andheri Station with your jhatka... do you remember our long phone conversations to get through our first internship... do you remember our craziness for Harry Porter you remember our first formal interview we gave together? Actually the list goes on and on...We have spend some most memorable moments together. You are definitely a distinct character. You are vivacious and the word that defines you the best is 'full of life'. Quite intelligent and social person...always be the way you are.  

3) Sana- You are a very mature yet innocent person. Love the time when you used to bring out the kid in has been a real long time since we have met and despite of the fact we don't have any direct contact with each other, whenever we talk we don't feel like we are talking after such a long time. You are a very sensible, mature and an immensely understanding person. Can't forget the song "Jhhot bole kawa kate" with which we irritated you in the whole college trip. Do catch up whenever you visit India.

4) Swati Kumari- I don't know which part of the world you are in presently...but whenever I see Parineeti Chopra I remember you. You really resemble her. You are a very strong, sensible girl, my friend to accompany me till home. I still remember our long chats and discussion on our way to home. I know you have moved on in life but trust me I always remember you as a great friend of mine. I still remember our Radio class, our visit to mango orchid and of course our gossiping session...everything was fun. 

5) Anvesha - I know you are busy with your new responsibilities and life, but I really miss you. You might not know this but you are an intelligent person. You know exactly what to talk to whom. I wish I possess this quality. We have spend quite good time with each other. Our quest to go to college even in City Bandh and strike is something I really appreciate. Whenever I sit back, I remember those wonderful time. You were my constant companion in eating golgappa and egg roll of Boring Road. You have seen my mad crazy side and sometimes you behaved like my mom scolding me whenever required. You are missed Anvesha try to be in contact.

6) Sweta Jha -  Seriously Jha Ji you have quite a distinct personality. You have a uniqueness in yourself that separates you from others. I always look up to you whenever I have to consult any professional advise. You are extremely helpful, friendly and down to earth person. No matter how often we meet,  we meet only once in a blue moon still whenever I talk to you or meet you, I feel the same connection. I can talk to you, express my problems because you are extremely understanding and non-judgmental.  Just be the way you are.

7) Neha Vats- My childhood friend. I simply adore you. You are practical, simple and just an amazing person to be with. What amazes me the most about you is your sense of balance. I find you extremely balanced. We have spend some great time of our life together. You are aware of all my madness and obsession. You are extremely good in talking to people, again a sense of balance. I am really lucky to have you in my life. It has been almost 14 years since I first met you, a studious sweet girl. And though so many years have passed and we have moved on with our individual life, you are still the same simple sweet girl (though you scold your friends).

8) Richa Jha- My Satrangi friend, the girl with beautiful eyes and voice. A strong headed beautiful girl indeed. Whenever I see a colorful umbrella, a miser person or listen to the"Neele Neele Amber pe Chand Jab Aae" I remember you instantly. This is what is association (remember our Psychology class together). You are a fun person to be with. We have spend some great time together.

9) Hena- My most beautiful and adorable friend cum cousin. You are one person whom I terribly miss sometimes. We have actually grown up together. Spend our teens together. Either it be watching I Dream of Jinnie together, plotting a plan of plucking guavas in afternoon when everyone is asleep or playing Hide-n-Seek (Name, Place, Animal, Thing & Dark Room), everything we did together was fun. Though we have moved on with time in our respective life and it has been almost 6 long years since I have met you, you are a part of my beautiful memories. All the beautiful memories keep flashing in my mind whenever I remember you.

10) KoyalThe most mastikhor and well-dressed girl of our PWC gang. I can say we have done lots of fun together which I am sure we will always cherish. And do you remember our great knowledge of phrases? Although we are not together now still we will always be friend. Enjoy Kolkata.

11) Aditi- Yet another mastikhor and bindas girl of our PWC gang.Just be the way you are- a fun loving yet sensible girl, a perfect amalgamation of both.  I wish I could take up some mast nature from you. I am really grateful that you have started a PWC chat group. It is the best way to be in touch.