Monday, April 21, 2014

The Lake Tour, Nainital

The Lake Tour

The motive behind most of my vacations are to visit as many places as I can. But often due to lack of time, I end up visiting too many places in one trip. Last time, I thought I need to go to a place where I can relax and just relax. Hence, relaxation was the major agenda of my last vacation. I had an extremely busy and maddening life at my office last year hence a relaxing vacation was the need of the hour. Nainital being one of the nearest hill stations from Delhi, I opted to go there. This was my first trip to Nainital. And I must say it was worth it.

We decided to start our trip from the lake tour. The lake tour includes- The Naini Lake, The Saatal, The Bhimtal and Naukuchiataal. We started our lake tour from the Nainital Lake, which is about 67 ft deep and a preferred place for boating and yachting for all. Since the lake in eye shape, it is named as Naini Lake. True to its popularity the lake is wonderfully stunning. The lake is surrounded by hills, cosy cottages and villas peeping from the plants of the hills and when all these reflect in the lake, it is a sight to behold. We did the boating there that was for a small duration of half an hour.

Then we crossed a small lake which is a part of Satal, Garud Tal is unheard of by most of the tourists. It is just few kilometers before Sattal. Though there is no boating facility there, we decided just to take a look at the lake. The lake looks abandoned as there were no one there. Our driver said this lake is considered haunted. However I found it serene and beautiful. Moreover, I sighted a old church across the lake. However we stayed there for 15-20 minutes clicking photos and then left for next destination.

Our next destination of Lake Tour was Sattal. Located at a distance of around 23 km, from Nainital, it is personally my favourite lake among all four lakes. Sattal is a group of seven interconnected freshwater lakes grouped close to each other. The names of the seven Lakes of Sattal are Panna Tal, Purna Tal, Sita Tal, Ram Tal, Nal Damyanti Tal, Laxman Tal and Sukha Tal. Personally my favourite lake among all four lakes, it is simply breathtaking. The best part of this lake is that it is amidst the forest and and hills. Wherever you will take your eyes, there is greenery, clouds, hills and most importantly it is extremely peaceful.  The peace and serenity of the places just makes it a perfect place to relax. All you can hear is the soft sound of water and chirping of birds. Clear water of lakes surrounded by thick forest and sound of birds is a brilliant experience. We were truly in the lap of nature.

It was an amazingly de-stressing and rejuvenating boat ride.  Moreover we were able to get a glimpse of some beautiful birds. Kingfisher and Hornbill were two most beautiful birds that we was saw there. These lakes are home to migratory birds.  And beside the birds, it is said that it houses an unbelievable 525 species of butterflies and over 11000 species of insects including beetle, bugs and moths and a variety of flora including rare medicinal herbs and shrubs. I left the place with a thought that I will visit the place soon. I will come for a weekend and spend my whole weekend there doing nothing other than clicking photos and watching birds.

Just 5 kilometres from Sattal lies Bhimtal. After enjoying an amazing beauty of Sattal, Bhimtal was not that peaceful. It is more urban in nature. The lake has an island in the middle, which boasted of a restaurant earlier but now an aquarium has been set up with exotic varieties of fishes from countries like South Africa, Mexico and China. Bhimtal is the biggest lake around Nainital. We had a quck lunch there and then moved to our final destination in Lake Tour and that is Naukuchital.

Naukuchiatal Lake is about 130 ft. deep and is a nine cornered lake. We ordered two cup of tea and a spicy Maggie before going to boat. The lake is quite serene and so are its surrounding hills which are covered by forested green on all sides. It is believed that who so ever sees all the nine corners of the lake in one shot will attain Nirvana. This place is also apt for adventure lovers, as activities like trekking, paragliding and angling are done here. It is the deepest of all the lakes in the Nainital region. The lake is fed by an underground perennial spring.

Naukuchital was the last lake in our lake tour. Then we headed back to Nainital enjoying the cool breeze of late evening, the whole day was simply amazing. Rejuvenating and de-stressing will be the perfect words to define this day.