Friday, July 14, 2017

Cat Lovers- Finally A Place For You

Cat Cafe Studio

One of my dreams, being a cat lover, has always been to “build and run a shelter for cats”. But most of the people with whom I have shared this idea have either considered me a lunatic or declared me differently abled. Only few (and trust me this few is really few) have liked this idea of mine. As a general norm in India not many people are keen on helping stray animals. So, when I first read about the Cat Café Studio of Mumbai, I was filled with joy and got really excited to visit this place. Based in Mumbai, it is the first cat cafe of India that is build on the motto "rescue, care, love, adopt".   

Hence, as soon as I landed in Mumbai, on my recent visit, the first place I chose to go was - Cat Cafe Studio. Here is the little something I wrote out of my pleasing experience.

About the Ambiance- The decoration is minimalistic, neat and cute with floor seating arrangement that gives a very homely feeling. Cleanliness and hygiene is well maintained.  Before you enter you must take off your shoes, wash your hands and read the terms and condition. The "dos and don'ts" are explained in order to safeguard the cats. I reached in the evening with my twin daughters who are two years old. Yes, this place is kids friendly. It was then full of college students and possessed an animated ambiance. My daughters simply loved playing with the cats just like their mother. Although, it was quite difficult to control them as they got super exited to see so many cats, but nevertheless, we enjoyed thoroughly.

About the Cats- People of Cat Cafe Studio make sure that they rescue cats without being bias on the basis of breed or colour. To be honest, people in India love to buy expensive light coloured Persian cats, instead of opting for adoption. Hence to have a cafe that rescues Indian street cats is like a ray of hope for the innocent and homeless. For those who claim to "love" cats must acknowledge that Indian cats are the most active ones and require least maintenance money. Moreover, they are accustomed to the climate of India. I do love Persian cats as they are also very adorable, what I am trying to say is that we should adopt, not shop.

About the Engagements- One can simply sit and work on his/ her laptop or relax with a book picked up from the shelf. You can play or lovingly caress the cats who pass by or choose to sit with you. All the cats here are calm yet playful and ready to make friends. You will always find some of them snoozing comfortably in their soft beds built along the walls.

About the food- You can grab a cup of coffee or frappe along with snacks from the counter or get your order served at your table. I loved what I ordered, especially the chocolate brownies. Simply enjoy your food while watching the cats playing around. You can place your order at the counter and wait inside or choose to sit outside in the small seating area near the counter shelf. Remember that feeding the cats from your plate and putting them in your lap while you eat is not allowed. However, if a cat comes and sits on your lap on its own, then its ok. I sat quietly watching my twins playing when a little kitten came and slept in my lap. Trust me, I felt privileged.

About Adoption - If you like any cat and want to adopt it, you can simply do so by following the proper procedure. The cats here are vaccinated and well trained, hence you won't face problems.
I wish there is a place like this in Delhi also so that I can take my daughters there on regular basis and teach them how to love and deal with cats. Personally, I loved the place and its services as that cats were kept and taken care of in the best way possible. Also, I felt great to be with and around cat lovers. Its like a mini trip to heaven for those who are cat crazy like me.

Address- 63, Harminder Singh Road, Aram Nagar Part 1, Versova, Andheri West
Timing- Open from 11:30 to 9:30