Sunday, September 9, 2012



Being a student of Mass Communication, I have always loved and cherished watching and discussing movies. Although there are number of film carnivals all across the city, I have not been able to go to any of the film festivals for quite a while. One fine day, while browsing through the online deal's website –, I came across a film festival called- Taj Enlighten Film Society. I bought the deal in the blink of an eye specially because it was applicable for weekends too. 

Sitting in office with just a few clicks, I became a member of this film society. I did not even have to take the trouble of standing in queue for buying the ticket. And here I am, a part of a world class film festival - a window to the wonderful cinema extravaganza.

Through this deal, I have been able to rekindle my passion for movies. It gave me a chance to get associated with the wonderful world of cinema. The festival has provided me with the exposure to some great films. And the most interesting part of this festival is that it showcases films of different genre. 

I got the chance to watch Majid Majidi’s film- "Children of Heaven". The movie offers an insight into a strand of Iranian life.  I have special love for films made on and for children.  Obviously, I fell in love instantly with this outstanding film. I have seen- "The Color of Paradise", so I had already tasted the magic of Majid Majidi's style of film making. No wonder, as soon as I got to know that this film is being screened, I knew how to make the best use of my Snapdeal voucher.

Another classic film that I saw through this wonderful fiesta was- "Rear Window" which depicts voyeurism (the act of observing the lives of others) exceptionally well.  It is said that we all have some element of voyeur in us. And it is actually right as going to a movie is nothing more than opening a window into the lives of others (fictional or real). Therefore, it's not a surprise that the film industry has examined this aspect of the human experience, time and again. Movies about voyeurism come in all varieties - everything from serious studies to light, exploitative fare.  And one of the most engrossing studies of voyeurism is Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window. The film is universally regarded as a classic and a strong cadre of critics, scholars and fans (including myself) consider this to be the director's best feature.

The third in the list was a complete different genre of film and one of the greatest classic of Hindi Cinema - Sahib Biwi Aur Ghulam. Directed and produced by two maverick geniuses- Abrar Alvi and Guru Dutt, it is a brilliant depiction of neglected and mistreated wife trou servant's perspective. Definitely a must watch for all cinema lovers. The striking beauty of Meena Kumari combined with her extraordinary performance is definitely one of the many reasons that gives it the status of a classic.

The fourth was "The Roman Holiday". Being a fan of Gregory Peck, I was all the more excited to see this film. A sweet and romantic classic story that is definitely worth watching.  Being an Indian, I cannot deny that I love romantic films (along with many other genre of cinema), so I fell in love with this film right away. The performances of- Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn are simply amazing. One thing is for sure, that I can watch this film again and again. 

These are some of the world class classic films that I have seen through this festival. is not new to me and neither are its deals. I have availed lots of deals from this website but I always thought that it is all about salon, spa, fine dining and other services. But now I have realized there is more to it than I assumed.