Monday, September 10, 2012


Cocktail- not a new tale!

The best sentence to describe this film is- ‘old story in a new package’. I won't say this film is not worth watching, but it cannot be watched more than once. Claiming to be out-of-the-box/ coming-of-the-age film it failed on various grounds. 

The first and most important thing about the film is that it simply reinforced the fact that an Indian man cannot fall in love with woman who goes to bar and cannot keep her house clean. The first half of the film has a feel good factor- depicting fun and friendship among the three protagonists. 

There are many plots that unspool halfway through, leaving us with a random sequence of events. The changes-of-heart is not justified (and never explained) where Veronica falls in love with Gautam and Gautam falls in love with Meera. Audience keeps guessing why Gautam fall in love with Meera, it simply reinforce the stereotypical fact that a bad flirtatious guy will fall in love only with a seedhi-sadhi girl woman (Meera). In fact, the girl is worth being loved only if she keeps things in place, cook food and are loved by typical Aunties. 

However, I think Deepika has done justice with her role, Saif Ali Khan’s acting looks exaggerated and forced in lots of places and Diana definitely needs a lot of improvement.  

The sequence which I personally liked in terms of depiction is where these three friends/ lovers are in disc and suddenly Veronica realises she is not required, not wanted, not loved. And the play of lights and introspection of the character is well-shown. Her loneliness, need of companionship is depicted well.  

But as a whole, the film failed to depict anything new. The music is peppy, lively and gelled well with the film. As a whole I would just sum up to say- ‘old story in a new package’.