Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of My Life

I wrote this long time back (February' 2010), but I was scared that people will make fun of me, but now I don't care so just thought of posting it!


The first time I laid eyes on her, I knew I was in love. As I climbed down after my evening Nemaz (pray) in my parking and approached the staircase my eyes met with sparkling green eyes. There she was, a beautiful cute kitten hiding under the staircase. That was the day I met my adorable cat.

My relationship with Meaow as I named her has always been intense. Initially we thought how we will keep this beautiful creature in a flat so we thought we will gift her to someone. But her beauty has awe stucked me and my sister so we changed the plan and decided to keep her. The first day she came with me to my place she was scared and shivering. I kept her in my lap and soon she slept. We were made to be together. And on that first night, she woke up in middle of the night and went to the book shelf cuddled herself there and slept again. Once she got adjusted to her new home, she was ready to play. Playing with thread, rope or anything hanging was her hobby. Her best game was playing with our small teddy, as I throw the toy from bed she would jump on it and bring it back to me and so on. She loved sleeping whenever she wants, she just cuddle herself in circular way and doze off. Whether she is playing, sleeping, walking in the narrow balcony boundary, or peeping from the balcony with us she was such a delight to watch.

I remember how she used to sit in the sun, with his nose between two bars of balcony, looking out so peacefully, often falling asleep. She used to come by my side sit in my lap and start licking herself as if she is so dirty and while doing so she used to lick my hands also.

Her gait, magical paws and twinkling eyes everything was just adorable and me and my sister were deeply in love with her. And she turned out to be he most pampered cat of the world.

Meaow was a cuddly cat. She loved showing affection. Whenever I used to return from my college she used to come running and I picked her like a baby on my shoulders and kiss her. My mother used to hate this because she thinks that kissing a cat is not hygienic but how can anyone resist such beautiful and affectionate cat from kissing.

When I’d be taking a bath, she would be sitting outside the bathroom door, waiting for me.. Many lovely winter afternoons, we’d sit in the balcony together; She would sit in her typical blue chair playing with me. After dinner when I used to do some work on my pc she used to sit on the mouse pad or the keyboard suggesting that I should retire for the sleep with her. My sister always wanted that meaow sleeps with her but she would wait for me so that she can sleep on my arm.
She was very gender biased so I used to call her feminist also, as whenever my brother or male friends used to visit my place she used to hide herself under the bed or behind the refrigerator. And as soon as they leave she used to come out of her confinement and run herself against my legs, one of her ways to show affection.

My cat didn’t even think she was a cat. She thought she was one of us, and she was. At family get together she would sit in the middle of the guests (that should be girls and ladies only) I remember carrying her like a baby around the house, and showing her sights from the balcony. In my lap she felt safe, and I felt loved.

She used to wag her tail when my sister would forcibly kiss her or wake her from sleep. Opening mumy’s sewing box was one of her fascination. She would silently take of one role of thread from the box and play with her thinking it is her mouse. Her everything was special.

A part of me has gone with you. You’ve taken my heart with you. Thank you for coming into our lives and teaching us how to love. You made me a better person. You will always be in my heart, giving me strength all my life. I know you are in a happy place now, and I can’t wait to be with again. I love u my Meaow!!