Friday, November 23, 2012


It has been 2 long years since I have met them (my maternal family). I am not very good at expressing my emotions and probably this is the first time that I am accepting that I have missed them terribly. I remember the last time I met them I wanted to freeze the time, I wish there was a save button in my eyes which can save their image. Today I am going back there after a real long time.

This is the only house which I can call home. Since my father has a transferable job we have never stayed at one house for a long time. We have spent our childhood in various houses, but this house is special, its my grandfather’s house (maternal). This is the house where I have spent most of my summer holidays, each and every nook and corner of this house has some or the other memory attached to it.

Coming back to my maternal family. I will start with my maternal grandfather whom we call Abbu Nana. There are very few people in the world with whom I can talk endlessly as I am not very good in talking. But one person with whom I could chat for hours about issues and topics is my Abu nana. The long conversations and discussion with him, brings smile on my face.. His narrative skills and explicit explanations are simply adorable.

My relationship with him is very special. We used to discuss issues in depth needless to say he is a very-well read person and understands all the aspects of a topic. It is a delight to talk to him either it be on a serious issue or a light topic. His narrative style is just explicit either it be about his first job, his siblings or it be mocking at present actor/actress.  All his children and grandchildren looks up to him. He is an extremely lovable person and loves to spend time with children and animals. He still has a poultry, parrots and birds. And at this age also he keeps himself busy. He gets up early in the morning reads nemaz, recites Quran and then have tea with Ammi Nanna (my maternal grandmother). He follows a fixed routine till now.  

I was apprehensive to write about him as: first I was scared that will I be able to pen down about such a dynamic and humble person. Second if he will ever get a chance to read this, he is going to find lots of mistake in my language, as he writes amazingly well English. However it’s for my own contentment that I thought of writing about him. 

My Ammi Nana (My maternal grandmother) is someone from whom I have learnt to play Ludo. She is extremely good in it. She hates sleeping till late in morning and whenever we used to sleep till late, she used to switch of the fan in summers. She loves her grandchildren and is very affectionate towards animals also. I think my love for cats have been inherited from her

I am sure of one thing and that is- Almighty has blessed me with  wonderful grandparents like them.