Friday, November 30, 2012

Hearty Paws

Hearty Paws

I have not seen much Korean films, but definitely some. Yesterday night I saw a film called- Hearty Paws, suggested by a friend. And I fell in love with the film instantly. I cannot get that film out of my head and hence this post. I get a bit too emotional whenever I see a film on children or animals and this film has both.

The relationship among the dog and the kids, the intelligence and sensibility of the dog is portrayed very-well.  All the characters in the film - Soi, Chan and their pet Hearty are simply adorable. The acting of all these three protagonists is just outstanding. But my personal favourite is Soi and Hearty. The whole scene of Soi and Hearty playing in their room, where Soi puts up lipstick and tries to be a mother is something I can completely relate to. As a kid I have played this game and the only difference is that I had an adorable cat instead of dog. The scene where Hearty eats ice-cream from the black packet brought by Chan is something with which all those who have ever had pet can relate very easily. 

There are some scenes in the film which I could not bear to watch also, as they are quite intolerable (for me). The scene when Hearty follows the tracks of a train, for several days only to find his master in another town, really is heart-wrenching. Not that they were not a part of the narrative, but personally I could not bear it. The second part of the film is a bit too sad.
Hearty played by Dal-I definitely deserves an award. Whether it be coated in grime or fresh from a bath, it is quite incredible to see how the filmmakers managed to coerce what I would say a brilliant performance from it, with its soulful eyes.

As a whole I just loved the film, though I cannot watch it again because of the second part, it is a bit too sad for me. And being an Indian I always expect a happy ending. But the film is quite captivating and emotionally engaging.