Saturday, June 8, 2013


If you tiered from your fast paced life and need a rejuvenating trip? Try out Neemrana Fort. Two words that define this fort perfectly are- picturesque and peaceful. The lush green lawns and the peaceful ambience is something you are bound to love here.

It is a perfect weekend getaway for all those who are living in Delhi/NCR. And therefore, it was a good option for us to spend a weekend there. The fort is around 130 kms from Delhi on the Delhi Jaipur highway. We left home by 7:30 am and reached there in three and a half hours. The road all the way is in a good condition so we were fresh when we reached there. As soon as we reach there, we found a vintage car parked on its entrance welcoming us (visitors).

We climbed a few levels through the ramped pathways which are surrounded by walls embellishing the various artefacts from the ear gone by. Since I am fond of forts and historical places, it is needless to say that I liked this place instantly. And since it has been turned into a heritage property it is maintained in a much better way than many other forts.

The fort was built in 1464 on hill across 6 acres of land. As per the officials here, it was in a state of degradation for a long time and it was only in 1986 that the fort was acquired for restoration.  Today, it is very well restored and beautified and one of the most sought after weekend destinations. It has a number of options for rooms and comprises of an open air swimming pool (decent size), a restaurant (afternoon and evening buffet service) and a spa. Since there is nothing much to eat in the surrounding area, you are somewhat compelled to eat in the hotel restaurant.

And if you have a knack of adventure then you can go for Flying Fox and enjoy the aerial view of the fort. Personally I am scared of height so I opted to enjoy the fort from the hill only. We explored every part of the fort. We relaxed in the lawn of Neemrana fort while I tried my hands on my not so good photography. Overlooking the Neemrana town, we sat in the view and enjoyed the breath-taking view. Moreover, view of the Aravali Hills from the resort is very clear. The rooms are decorated and furnished with traditional and colonial furniture, antiques and many objects of art.

Overall, Neemrana fort is an amazing example of heritage that is not only restored and preserved, but is also well- marketed to sustain itself. I wish there are more restoration happening like this in forts of India so that they can be well-preserved.